New candy-like plush dog toys are the perfect

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New candy-like plush dog toys are the perfect gift! With Halloween approaching, The OurPet's Company, a leading pet supply company believes an active dog is a healthy dog and continues the goal of helping your dog stay healthy and active. Their new candy-like plush dog toys are the perfect gift to put on your list and not forget your furry child at Halloween and planning for the upcoming holiday season. OurPet's launches childhood favorite candies depicted in 8 plush, durable fabric dog toys. The nostalgic Tootsie Candy Brands Plush Dog toys from OurPet's are made from durableChina Fiberglass Sealing Rope Manufacturers materials for long lasting play. The nostalgic Tootsie Candy Brands Plush Dog toys are made from durable materials for long lasting play including a thick outer polyester material, rope and hidden squeaker. The 8 dog toys depict childhood favorite candies including Tootsie Roll, Tootsie Pops, Dots, Junior Mints and more and have hours of squeaky fun for also indulging memories for your sweet tooth without any calories for you or your pet. The plush toys are amazingly accurate in their packaging, colors and design to look just like our favorite iconic candies. The line of toys (all available at your favorite pet store) includes the following: Blow Pop Plush Dog ToyTootsie Pop Plush Dog ToyTootsie Roll Dog ToyDubble Bubble Plush Dog ToySugar Daddy Plush Dog ToyDots Plush Dog ToyJunior Mints Plush Dog ToyRazzles Plush Dog Toy "We have gotten tremendous reception from everyone who sees and touches the plush toys that look like the actual candy products we know and love," said Dr. Steve Tsengas, president and CEO, OurPet's Company. "The very life-like candy designs bring back happy memories while your pet enjoys positive stimulation with a toy that can provide hours of fun even with rugged playChina Oven Door Sealing Rope Manufacturers."

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